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You have the right to cancel any agreed contract within 7 calendar days. If you want the works to start immediately on the day, the notice of right to cancel is issued; cancellation should be communicated in writing to the company.

If the customer agrees that the work may start before the cancellation period expires, they should sign a notice to confirm this agreement and that they understand that if they decide to cancel within 7 days, reasonable payment may be due for works carried out prior to cancellation.

PCM/EasyClearance holds no responsibility for damage caused by vehicles or equipment belonging to or utilised by the company. We may exercise its legal rights and remedies should it be deemed necessary.

Overloaded skips will carry a levy of £50. Should EasyClearance/PCM incur any costs due to the overload, the customer will be liable for ALL costs arising.

Customers ordering skips or vehicles off the public highway do so at their own risk.

Most customers fill the skips up within 7 days, but Skips & Waste will offer 14 days’ grace where needed. HOwever, if the skip hire runs into 3rd week, the customer will incur a £50 per week charge for each week.

Skips MUST be removed by the 28th day from when skip is delivered.


Fill out your details for a callback regarding your skip quotation within 24 hours of submission.